How to Illuminate Your Curling Rink: A Guide to Choosing and Installing the Right Lights at the Right Height

AWhile indoor curling may seem easy on the surface, it's a multidirectionalground-level sport that requires special attention when choosing the right lights.Curling sheets of ice must have uniform lighting throughout, so depending onthe size of your rink, different types of light fixtures and installation heights needto be determined. This guide will provide all the information necessary to getyour curling rink properly illuminated with the right lights at the right height soyou can experience intuitive, confidence-inspiring play.

Choose The Right Type of Lights for Curling Rinks

Selecting the right type and amount of lighting for your curling rink is essentialfor optimal performance. HID, fluorescent, and LED luminaires are all greatoptions when determining the type of lighting you need for your rink. HIDluminaires should be mounted between rinks and along the centerline. Iffluorescent luminaires are used, deep reflectors will help them to adequatelyilluminate the entire rink when they're mounted across it. Bare fluorescent lampsor fluorescent luminaires mounted longitudinally should be avoided as theywon't provide enough light. LED luminaires should be used in a similar fashion toHID if they are a low-bay style, or similarly to fluorescent if they are a troffer style.With careful consideration and research, selecting the right type of lighting foryour curling rink can ensure maximum performance out on the ice!

Curling Lighting Standards

Hack to hog I - 1,250 @ 0.00 (125 @ 0.0) Avg 0.13 1.7:1 Max:Min
Hog to hog I T 1,000 @ 0.00 (100 @ 0.0) Avg 0.13 1.7:1 Max:Min
Hack to hog II T 1,000 @ 0.00 (100 @ 0.0) Avg 0.21 2.5:1 Max:Min
Hog to hog II S 750 @ 0.00 (75 @ 0.0) Avg 0.21 2.5:1 Max:Min
Hack to hog III R 500 @ 0.00 (50 @ 0.0) Avg 0.25 3:1 Max:Min
Hog to hog III P 300 @ 0.00 (30 @ 0.0) Avg 0.25 3:1 Max:Min
Hack to hog IV O 200 @ 0.00 (20 @ 0.0) Avg 0.30 4:1 Max:Min
Hog to hog IV M 100 @ 0.00 (10 @ 0.0) Avg 0.30 4:1 Max:Min

Consider the wattage, beam angle, color temperature,and other features when selecting lights curling rinks

When selecting lights in a curling rink, it is paramount to consider the wattage,beam angle, color temperature, and other features. For example, a broad beamangle will illuminate the playing area while avoiding too much glare. Furthermore,consider avoiding a lumen output of 3000K or 3500K when choosing the rightlighting because 4000K or 5000K produces better results. Diffusers should be ofparticular consideration as they help to improve aesthetics and subtly reduceglare without tarnishing visibility at the same time. A good combination of thesefactors helps create an ideal atmosphere for players and spectators alike.

Mounting Height for Curling Rink Lighting

When it comes to lighting up a curling rink, the mounting height of fixtures is acritical factor. Too low and the perimeter of the rink will be under-illuminated; toohigh and glare will become an issue. Experts suggest that mounting heightshould range between 4.3 to 4.9 meters (14 ft to 16 ft) in order to ensure evenillumination throughout the rink without any harsh shadows or hot spots.Furthermore, for best results, spacing of luminaires should not exceed 1.5 timesthe mounting height, as this further helps achieve uniform light distribution withminimized glare from above. Lighting up a curling rink properly can be trickybusiness - take all recommended guidelines into account to ensure optimalperformance!


After reading through this comprehensive guide, you should now be equippedwith the knowledge required to properly light a curling rink. Keep in mind thatlighting is an essential component for any sports facility. If you need furtherassistance, don't hesitate to reach out to LuxLogic for a free design consultation and quote - their professionals are ready to listen and get you on your way towell-lit curling rink. They have the proven track record and years of experiencethat can ensure the perfect light quality, safety, and energy efficiency your curlingrink requires.