Agrandir Poolsider RGBW

Poolsider RGBW

The Poolsider RGBW is a modular LED flood light specifically designed for the caustic environment of Natatoriums, but versatile enough to be used in any flood light application. Multiple optical lens choices, and rotatable modules allow a wide variety of light spread for various use both indoor and out.


Salt spray anti corrosion tested to IEC60068-2-11,ISO4628-3, ASTM B117 standards for Natatorium applications. Anti-corrosive finish is standard. Available in 60W modules, each independently rotatable, featuring an aluminum cooling fin for superior heat dissipation.
IP66 Rated.
IK09 Rating.

Quick Summary

• Wattage: 50W / 100W / 150W / 200W / 300W / 400W / 600W
• Mounting: Yoke Mount (Standard), Pendant Mount, Cross Arm Bracket
• Beam Angles: 60° 90° 120°
• Voltage: 100-277V (UNV)
• Dimming: No Dimming
• IP Rating: IP65
• Finish: Grey
• Certification: cETL listed, and CE
• Warranty: 6 Years


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