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At Luxlogic, lighting is more than just illuminating an area. By harnessing the power of research-based design, we give spaces a consciously curated look and feel that brings them to life and subtly yet effectively enhances your mood and even increases productivity. Pair it up with energy-efficient quality and what you get is sustainable lighting solutions. This very philosophy has consistently empowered Luxlogic Lighting, a Canadian company, since its inception in 2015 at Vaughan, Ontario. Today, we cater to the whole of North America, providing customized LED lighting solutions to architectural and commercial industrial spaces such as shopping malls, sports facilities, learning institutions, hotels, car dealerships, restaurants, and the like.

For years, we have cemented the trust that our patrons have put in us with constant innovation, meticulously engineered products, competitive pricing, industry-leading and comprehensive warranty tied together with an immutable code of ethics. We take pride in leaving behind a legacy of distinguished lighting solutions and confidently looking forward to a brighter, sustainable future.

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