Agrandir Champion RGBW

Champion RGBW

The Champion RGBW LED Sports Flood Light is the ideal stadium light.
This sports light packs a punch providing 150LM/W. It is available in 500W, 1000W and multiple beam angles. This fixture is waterproof (IP 66 rated), dust-proof, and provides superior thermal venting. Operating temperature -40° to 50°C (-40F to 122F). Standard dimming of 0-10V.


With cold forging heat sinks, it has increased heat dissipation and a longer life for SD series sports lighting. The back cover has a cooling effect (the power is placed on the back cover, and the heat generated is conducted to the back cover to dissipate heat).

Available with Laser Aiming Device (LAD) precision control in angling and aiming each sport light to its exact optimal position.

The Champion RGBW boasts an efficacy of 150LM/W for both 500W and 1000W. Outputs will vary depending upon wattage, voltage, colour temperature and optics (beam angles). Please refer to our IES files on our website.

Certain custom optics are available for certain wattages. Please consult factory as MOQ’s may apply.

All drivers 500-1000W are integral and IP66 Rated, with DMX function. Remote driver options are available. Please consult factory.

Custom length secondary cables (from driver to luminaire) complete with connections are available. Please consult factory.

Quick Summary

• Wattage: 500W, 1000W
• Mounting: Yoke (standard), Slip Fitter
• Lumen : (500W) - 75000lm, (1000W) - 150000lm
• Optics: 15D, 30D, 45D, 60D, 80D
• Color Temp : RGBW
• Voltage: 100-277V (UNV), 277-480V (HV)
• Dimming: 0-10V Dimming
• Finish: Black
• IP Rating: IP66
• Certification: CE, cUL, FCC, and DLC
• Warranty: 6 Years


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