Our revolutionary new seamless MagneTrack system is totally magnetic.

All of the luminaires used in the system are held on the track by magnets (see attached picture)

 There are 3 safety features to consider.

1. According to the EU and US standards, the magnetic force needs to be at least 4 times of what is required to support the luminaire’s weight All fixtures in our system exceed this requirement.

2. The quality of the magnets should be guaranteed.  The magnets we use are NdFeB rare-earth permanent magnets. These are the most powerful magnets on the earth. The model is N35, force is 3500 (+-10%) Gauss. Working temperature is up to 80℃, Curie temperature (fail temperature). is 240℃.

3. Control the temperature of the fixtures. Magnetic force is only affected by temperature and high magnetic fields We keep our lamp’s body temperature under 50℃. At the same time, the driver in lamps provides over temperature protection at 80C.

MagneTrack Drop Test