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Dome Bay RGBW

The Dome Bay RGBW is an extremely versatile, Direct /Indirect, high performance LED sports high bay that is ideal for both outdoor and indoor sports lighting applications. With its flexible, modular design the Dome Bay is specifically engineered to illuminate swimming pools, tennis and soccer domes, gyms, arenas and more


Salt spray anti corrosion tested to IEC60068-2-11,ISO4628-3, ASTM B117 standards for Natorium applications. Anti-corrosive finish is standard. Ultralight design with aluminum construction makes installation and maintenance easy. High luminous flux and rotatable modules up to 200° ensure full coverage and maximum visibility. Available built-in remote microwave sensors make Dome Bay the ideal choice for a variety of sports lighting applications. Dome Bay is IP65 rated, operates at -40° to 60°C.

Lumen Maintenance @L70: 50000 hours
Optics: 60D/120D
Module rotatable 200°
Ambient Temperature: -40° to 60° C (-40° to 140° F)
IK09 Rating

Quick Summary

• Wattage: 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W, 300W, 400W, 480W
• Mounting: Eye Bolt (Standard), Pendant Mount Adjustable 300 - 600mm/11.8 - 23.6"
• Optics: 60D,120D
• Voltage: 100-277V (UNV)
• Dimming: No Dimming
• IP Rating: IP65
• Finish: White
• Certification: DLC and cETL
• Warranty: 6 Years


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